Billing Matters

Billing Matters, by LexisNexis, is a software program that provides you with the tools needed to capture billable time and expenses, generate bills and track accounts receivable. A variety of billing arrangements are available to meet your needs. Billing Matters is a robust program that includes fee allocation to track receipts by client or staff member, security settings to restrict user access, and customizable fields to collect information specific to your practice. When implemented with Time Matters, Billing Matters can be used as more than just billing software; it is also a program that provides Case Management, Contact Management and Calendar Management, helping you stay informed of how each case is progressing. You can bill directly from your calendar and as you work on the case. Billing Matters enables you to capture billable time immediately. Please contact us for more information and to purchase.

Plummer Slade, located in downtown Pittsburgh, PA, has been helping firms utilize time billing and expense tracking software as a business tool throughout Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and elsewhere for over 25 years. Plummer Slade has a Billing Matters Certified Independent Consultant. We have assisted lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other service professionals with implementing Billing Matters. Our consultants are available to provide demonstrations, installation, training and on-going support. Let Plummer Slade demonstrate how your firm can benefit from the many features and capabilities of Billing Matters. For more information on Billing Matters Software and our services, please contact us.

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