Plummer Slade’s data protection and disaster recovery services serve as a virtualized safety net, allowing you to concentrate on your business. Whether you need to restore a file to your PC or your entire network following a disaster, Plummer Slade provides rapid recovery, saving you time and money.

2012-05-22-shutterstock_80717779-Picture-of-network-&-cloud-580x280Plummer Slade offers a range of cloud backup services for restoring your computer’s data in the event of a disaster or network downtime. The cloud is a datacenter that stores data and provides online services for businesses and end users. When utilizing the cloud, recovery and restoration of data is almost immediate.

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Our Cloud Backup and Storage Solutions include:

  • Image Based Backups
  • Secure Cloud Datacenter
  • Daily Monitoring of On-site and Off-site Backups
  • Annual Test Restores of Backup Images
  • Hot Spare Servers for Disaster Recovery
  • And more…

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