Sage Software has announced that the older versions of Sage Timeslips Premium will no longer be supported after March 31, 2024, due to deprecated connections.  If you are using a version of Timeslips that is older than build, your access to Timeslips will cease after this date. 

Versions are also referred to as ‘builds’.  The most recent build is    Builds and are not affected but should still be updated to  To determine which build your Timeslips is on, go to the “Help” menu, choose “About Sage Timeslips Premium”  to open the details window.  You should see the build number below the product name. 

The various builds and their release dates are below and information on what was improved in each release can be found here:

  • September 2023 (Sage Timeslips Premium) Build
  • November 2022 (Sage Timeslips Premium) Build
  • March 2022 (Sage Timeslips Premium) Build

Customers on a current subscription for Timeslips are entitled to any updates that Sage releases.  If you would like assistance installing updates for your Timeslips or have any other questions, please contact us at