Sage Timeslips Supported Versions

When Sage Software released Timeslips Premium back in 2015, it was their introduction to move toward a subscription-based product.  They continued to release the numbered versions, such as Timeslips 2019, Timeslips 2020, but it was expected that they would stop supporting these older versions of Timeslips and only support their most current product at some point.  Sage Software has now taken steps to move in this direction. 

Sage will discontinue support for Timeslips 2019 as of April 30, 2020.  In addition, support for Timeslips 2020 is currently only available from Sage for those customers who have also opted to purchase the Sage Business Care plan.  There will be no new features, enhancements or upgrades for Timeslips 2020. 

It is important to note that, Plummer Slade will continue to support you with whichever version of Timeslips you are using.  However, we do recommend that you stay on a supported version for a number of reasons.  Such as:

  • Should Plummer Slade need assistance from Sage Software for an issue or data corruption, it would not be available
  • Waiting until you have database issues, is not a good time to upgrade and convert data.  It’s best to upgrade when you are not having other problems
  • Upgrading from much older versions can be more difficult and time consuming.  This often involves upgrading a few times to get the best result.  For example, if you are using Timeslips 2010, we may need to upgrade to TS2016, then to TS Premium; rather than direction to TS Premium.
  • Using older software on newer computer/new operating systems has not been tested and can cause problems within your database.

If you are still using Timeslips 2019 or older, please contact Leslie A. Hennessy at to discuss your options for upgrading to Timeslips Premium.