Sage Software has a new service release available for Timeslips Premium.  Timeslips Premium is currently the only supported version of Timeslips billing software. Maintaining your subscription with Sage to use Timeslips Premium also entitles you to the updates that are released periodically.  Plummer Slade can assist with installing updates and answering your questions about Timeslips.

The October 2020 update fixes a few issues that had been reported and includes some enhancements.  These are listed below:


Report Enhancements

  • Aged WIP with Contact Info Report – shows work in process for each client totaled by your custom aging periods. This report also includes phone and email information for each client in case you need to contact them about their upcoming charges. You can use the report as-is or customize it further by adding or removing fields in the Report Designer.
  • New WIP fields for User-Defined Client Listing – The new Aged WIP group adds over 30 new fields that you can use to build your own custom Aged WIP reports.

eCenter Enhancements

The eCenter is a separate subscription that allows you to enter time and expense slips into a website and have those slips transferred into the Timeslips database. 

  • Client Access – The eCenter also provides the ability to share account balances with selected clients (up to 100 clients). This was previously managed within the eCenter website. You can now manage client access directly within Sage Timeslips.
  • Better Visibility of eCenter Slips – eCenter Information can now be displayed on Timeslips Navigators. Slips entered into the eCenter must be marked “Completed” and transferred into Timeslips to appear on bills. There is now an eCenter section for the Timeslips navigators.  This new section shows the current count of Completed and Not Completed slips in eCenter, it shows when you last transferred, and it offers quick access to start the transfer process. This helps you know that slips need transferred into Timeslips.
  • Report Improvement – When designing user-defined client listings, there is a new field available for “eCenter Login”. There is also a new selection filter, “Client Has eCenter Login”. Using both on a report, allows you to generate a list of client logins currently in use for eCenter’s Client Access.


  • Exporting Slip Fields – When exporting slip field values from the current slip to other slips, the Client field could be listed twice for export. This has been addressed.
  • Billing Assistant – The ability to use right-click commands to mark and unmark clients has been fixed.
  • Electronic Billing – An issue with the Law Firm ID not saving correctly when creating or editing templates for the LEDES formats has been rectified.

Please contact Plummer Slade if you would like to arrange to have this update installed or have any questions related to Timeslips.