Sage Software has announced the release of another update for Timeslips Premium. 

This update adds the following enhancements:

Enhancement #1: Ability to show dollar signs and commas on slip and transaction lists and totals.

Details: When viewing the Time and Expense Slip List, the Accounts Receivable List, or the Client Funds List, you can now change the format of list items and totals to show commas (thousands separators) and dollar signs (monetary symbols). From the Time and Expense Slip List, click List Appearance Options from the toolbar and then switch to the Colors and Appearance tab. The new formatting options appear at the bottom of this page.

Enhancement #2: There are updated entries available under the Help > Sage Support menu.

This April 2024 Service Release for Timeslips Premium fixes the following problems:

Issue #1: When using the fee allocation system to credit timekeepers for income related to their clients, Timeslips might not update the Fee Allocation tab of the invoice records properly if you had disabled the client project feature.

Issue #2: Timeslips did not prevent users from updating the date on billed funds transactions.

Issue #3: Timeslips might not assign licenses properly for users accessing Timeslips Premium through Remote Desktop and Terminal Services on Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022.

Issue #4: If you renamed Timeslip.exe, opening Help > About Sage Timeslips Premium may not show all information and options correctly.

Please contact us to schedule a time to have this update installed.  You may either call 412-261-5600 x208 or email  If you have regularly scheduled Specialty Software Maintenance Visits with Plummer Slade, we will contact you to plan for a time to get this installed.