After several months of testing, we will begin updating Windows 10 computers to the new and exciting Windows build. Below we will take a closer look at some of the most appealing features included with Windows 1809.

If there’s one thing that stands out on the newest version of Windows, it’s the improvements to the Windows search functionality. Users will be able to search for documents and applications right from the start menu. Even more interesting, users can search for third-party applications and will be given a download button to install the application from the internet without ever having to open a web browser. This new search functionality will also obtain web results as if you were searching directly from the Bing search engine. If you fell asleep and need to check the score of the Penguins game, just type it right into Windows search.

One of the small features that Windows 1809 includes may be the most attractive for users. File Explorer is now aesthetically customizable. You can still use the regular file explorer that we’ve all grown accustomed to. However, users will now have the option to use a dark-themed file explorer. Simply navigate to Settings > Personalization > Colors and choose “Dark” as your default app mode to begin using the new file explorer.

Another minor addition included in the October update is the improved Snipping Tool, or as Microsoft dubbed it, ‘Snip and Sketch’. The new ‘Snip and Sketch’ app builds upon Snipping Tool’s existing features by allowing users to take rectangular screenshots, draw free form shapes to take custom screenshots or screenshot the entire screen. To access the new Snip and Sketch tool, you can use the shortcut Windows + Shift + S or simply search for “Snip” within the Start menu.

Also included in the Windows 1809 update, is a new clipboard history feature. Users can copy and paste as they normally would with the CTRL + C and CTRL + V commands, but now pressing the Windows Key + V will bring up a window displaying the clipboard history. From there, users can select anything that they’ve copied recently to their clipboard and paste at will. This clipboard will be linked to the user’s Microsoft account, which means that it will be accessible from any Windows 10 device. To enable these new clipboard features, simply go to Settings > System > Clipboard and toggle Clipboard history on.

Plummer Slade has begun pushing the update to all of our clients with Windows 10 computers the evening prior to scheduled maintenance visits. At Plummer Slade, we value maximizing your productivity and minimizing downtime throughout the work day. To do so, we schedule the update to run overnight without interrupting any user activity.

For more information or help updating your Windows 10 computer to 1809, please contact the Plummer Slade HelpDesk Team, at or 412-261-5600 Option 3.