For the past several years, Plummer Slade has recommended Citrix ShareFile as our go-to solution for securely transferring files between people. ShareFile has the ability to meet both PCI-DSS and HIPAA guidelines, and provides strong encryption to keep your data secure, even when it is at rest within the cloud. ShareFile also can transfer files up to 10 gigabytes per file in size, allowing for large emails to be sent/received without getting a bounce back to indicate your message is too large to send. The web interface allows your clients to quickly get documents to you securely, and the integration with Outlook allows you to securely communicate with your clients with ease.

Starting in December 2018, Citrix began a rebranding effort of the ShareFile platform. The major applications that get installed to a PC, the Outlook add-in and Desktop app, were the first to undergo a rebranding to Citrix Files. The re-launch of these products included security enhancements to the software and newly added capabilities like email encryption.

As 2019 progresses, we will see the apps that drive ShareFile usage rebranded to Citrix Files, while the website itself will maintain the ShareFile branding. Rest assured, your application and web site will continue to function as they used to but run under a new name.

One great new feature of Citrix Files for Outlook allows you to secure the text of an email, where you would have had to previously use a separate product. With the updated rebranding of Citrix Files, we can now combine two products into one, helping to simplify operations for your end users. As always, you can convert your attachments to Citrix Files for security, and now you can also toggle email encryption on or off to also secure the text of your messages.

This one-click toggle allows you to quickly secure the contents of your emails. Recipients of the email will be asked to log into ShareFile Online with their previously used account or create an account if they are new users. Once logged in, they have access to a basic email client that will allow them to securely respond to your message. Any data typed into the reply email is also encrypted to be securely transmitted back to you. As you receive the reply, you will see a small blue padlock in your Outlook message list to indicate you received a secure message, and Citrix Files for Outlook will decrypt the message for you.

Additionally, if you need to receive files from a client, you can insert a secure link to upload files in your messages.

This feature can work in tandem with encrypted messages, allow your clients to transfer their confidential information to your systems using the security of ShareFile. Requesting files will alert you that files have been placed in your file box for retrieval from ShareFile Online.

Citrix Files will be our go-to solution for both email encryption and secure file transfer moving forward. By moving to one product, instead of two, your firm will realize cost savings and your employees will appreciate having to use one product for all encrypted communications. Citrix Files does not require a minimum number of users and is a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time. For more information, you can contact Matthew Appleton at or 412-261-5600 x211.