As the frequency and complexity of online threats and phishing emails climbs, the importance of cybersecurity training is paramount. Training empowers employees to identify and handle potential cyber threats, thus adding a valuable layer of security to an organization and, in turn, fostering a cybersecure-aware culture in the workplace.

KnowBe4 © is a prominent cybersecurity training platform that allows organizations to improve their cybersecurity knowledge through security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks. This training has many advantages:

  • prevention of data breaches and malware,
  • fulfillment of industry specific regulatory requirements,
  • fulfillment of cyber insurance policy requirements,
  • creation of trust with customers.

The simulated phishing campaigns in KnowBe4 are an effective and practical tool that tests employees’ ability to identify and react to phishing attempts within a safe environment. Essentially, these are preparing employees for real scenarios, reducing the chance of successful phishing attacks against an organization.

To ensure such cybersecurity training and simulated phishing campaigns are productive, they need to be well-designed, engaging, and updated regularly to reflect emerging threats. Annual training should be completed by all users within an organization, firm, or company, and the results of said phishing campaigns should be reviewed frequently. These reviews help ensure all users are internalizing and adhering to the safety protocols outlined in the training provided. Additionally, supplemental training should be sent out periodically to keep the cybersecure-awareness culture ongoing within the organization.

Integration of comprehensive cybersecurity training and simulated phishing campaigns is a standard that every organization should adhere to in today’s digital world. In establishing such a program, an organization can significantly improve its cybersecurity practices and safeguard their company against the ever-present threat of cyberattacks.

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