You’ve got mail!  An official-looking e-mail indicates that your account has been compromised and you MUST click the following link immediately in order for you to have uninterrupted access to your account.  “But I don’t have an account for,” you think to yourself.  A quick deletion of the e-mail is your next step, “they” won’t get you today.

Many of us have received the same types of phishing e-mails for various services / accounts trying to get our account credentials.  There are more than 1.2 million phishing attacks each year and they are the main facilitator of breaches into an organization.  In this day and age, we must prepare and empower our employees to make educated choices when it comes to e-mail messages.

That’s where KnowBe4 enters the mix.  With KnowBe4, Plummer Slade can run simulated phishing campaigns for your company so your employees can get a taste of what will be coming their way.  Analytics will allow us to track the company’s progress, view how many links were clicked or opened, and target specific areas that may need further remediation.  These simulated phishing e-mails can vary in complexity and trickiness allowing us to move your employees from being novice goldfish at detecting phishing attempts to experienced sharks easily avoiding getting hooked. 

Through KnowBe4, we can offer training that will instruct your employees on what to look for in suspicious e-mail messages, teaching them how to identify a potential phishing attempt.  There are many training courses that can be offered that cover a wide array of topics from Public Wifi Best Practices to PCI or HIPAA compliancy. 

With KnowBe4 at your company’s side, your employees will have the training and experience to handle suspicious e-mails appropriately, decreasing your company’s risk and increasing your peace-of-mind.

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