Sage Software has a new service release available for Timeslips Premium customers. 

The January 2021 update includes a variety of enhancements and fixes to issues that have been reported.  They are as follows:


  • New Slip View Options – When viewing your slip list, you can select “My Week” or “My Month” from the “View by” option at the top of the windows.  This will quickly display slips for the logged-in person for the current week or month.
  • Running Balance for Accounts Receivable – You can include a running balance column while viewing the Accounts Receivable transactions list.  This allows you to observe how the balance is affected by each transaction in real time.
  • Slip Proof Selection Filter – Selection filters help you to include and exclude slips when viewing the slip listing and when generating slip-based reports.  The new “Slip Proof” selection filter allows you to include or exclude slips that are on proof stage.
  • Slip Type Selection Filter – The new Slip Type selection filter allows you to choose all Time or all Expense slips for inclusion or exclusion on bill-related reports.


  • Decimals in Time Spent Totals – Time Spent totals written in decimal format previously could be off by one hundredth (.01) of a minute which affected time values within the pre-bill worksheet, billing assistant, time sheet, and the day and week views.  This has been addressed.
  • SQL Error When Emailing Many Client Bills at Once – An SQL error appearing after approving and emailing a large number of bills has been fixed.
  • Purging Clients with Undoable Bills – Some clients that were closed in preparation of being purged might have undoable bills.  This could previously prevent the purge process.  This issue is now fixed.
  • Incorrect Report Totals on Aged WIP Report – If you unmarked the “Show the Oldest Period First” option when generating the Aged WIP Report, the report totals may be incorrect.  This issue has been addressed.

Please contact Plummer Slade with any Timeslips related questions or to have this update installed by our software applications experts.