If you work with numerous QuickBooks company files on behalf of your clients, the QuickBooks File Manager can help you manage these various files by providing the following capabilities:

  • Build a client list that creates a virtual view of your hard drive.  It will group your clients’ QuickBooks files by which version of QuickBooks they are and will provide information on the location of those company files.
    • Client list can be imported by dragging and dropping or using a wizard that looks at your folder structure to automatically find any QuickBooks file types (company files, accountant’s copy files, backups and portable files).
  • Open company files from the File Manager without needing to browse to widely varying folders on your network.
  • Save login information for your clients’ company files in the Password Vault.  This will allow you to open client files from the client list, without looking up the login information.
  • Upgrade multiple clients’ QuickBooks files to the latest version of QuickBooks in a batch.
  • Create Groups of clients that you define.
  • Backup the client list and password vault which can be restored in the event of data loss.

The QuickBooks File Manager is a standalone application for QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant.  If you are using either of these versions and would like to explore the above features, please contact Leslie Hennessy at lhennessy@plummerslade.com.