Upon my arrival at Plummer Slade, I had little knowledge of the computer industry. Anything from hardware, to software, to having a simple conversation with computer lingo, I was clueless. This is something that I continue to get more and more comfortable with as I pick up new terminology and concepts from my coworkers every day. For example, I have learned about the different hardware components that make up a computer system, the different software utilized to monitor and control client computers, and the numerous software applications/licenses that make up your typical office suite. All in all, the computer knowledge I have retained through my time here is something which I will certainly carry with me in all my future endeavors.

Aside from the product itself, I have also garnered the importance of organization when it comes to business operations. Things can get very chaotic very fast in a professional environment when you do not have an organized plan to keep yourself in check. My supervisors have taught me the importance of tracking product order information in databases and spreadsheets as it is essential to leave a trail of the company operations in case you need to refer to it. A lot of my tasks at Plummer Slade have revolved around these spreadsheets and databases as I have been entering orders to both clients and stock, marking dates that we receive/should receive said orders, keeping track of the product serial numbers utilized in our projects, and entering merchandise return information in the RMA spreadsheet. This along with pulling product from stock and receiving orders for projects has given me a strong foundation of what it takes to manage a warehouse that I am extremely grateful to have obtained. Not only that, but properly allocating products to their respective projects has given me a glimpse into the next step of managing inventory and the importance of ensuring you have product on hand for when you need it. You never want to leave a client waiting.

Along with instilling a strong knowledge in me of what it takes to manage the incoming and outgoing products, my supervisors have also shown me several other duties that are completed in our department. Whether it be creating proposals to present to clients, revising those proposals, registering licenses, placing orders through distributors, auditing databases and spreadsheets, or emailing and interacting with clients, the Purchasing & Logistics team is always busy. One of these duties that they have now entrusted me with is registering warranties for our different machines. When you are dealing with expensive equipment such as computers and servers, warranties are essential. As our client’s IT provider, it is our job to sell, register, and maintain these warranties. Another task I have been completing includes entering customer orders into our billing system. The purpose behind this is to ensure that our accounting department can properly charge the client accounts for the time and money spent on their respective projects. Although I am not directly involved in accounting, it has been neat to see how after I complete this assignment the byproducts of it are then utilized further by another department.

Overall, my favorite thing I have taken away thus far from my time at Plummer Slade is the people. Being an intern can be nerve-racking, at least it has been for me. Despite that, I have received nothing but a welcoming, helpful attitude from every person at the office which has helped immensely in making me more comfortable in my position. I look forward to continuing this experience and am excited to learn more about the computer and the business industry.