The reign of traditional antivirus software is coming to an end as cyber threats, such as zero-day attacks and ransomware, continue to advance in complexity and destructive capabilities. Cybersecurity is adapting to challenge the progression of cyberattacks through the emergence and development of SentinelOne’s EDR solution.

Endpoint Detection and Response, also known as EDR, is a next generation antivirus solution. It uses artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to detect new threats that traditional antivirus cannot. Every day, cyber threat actors get smarter. They are constantly learning new ways to slip past the defenses offered by traditional antivirus software.

EDR moves beyond antivirus prevention-focused methods of protection by actively detecting those threats that manage to invade a network. Cybersecurity professionals recommend transitioning to this superior form of protection. Cybersecurity insurance auditors also back the implementation of EDR due to certain cybersecurity and compliancy standards.

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