You may want to consider implementing a process for getting your documents signed electronically.  This would allow you to get legally binding signatures quickly, efficiently, and without needing to meet with your client, or other signing party, in-person.  With the current need to keep distance between ourselves, the time for electronic signatures is now.

Plummer Slade recommends implementing RightSignature™, which is an add-on to CitrixFile (also known as Citrix® ShareFile).  With the RightSignature feature you can create sign-able forms from existing documents, including Microsoft® Word, PDF files and plain text files.  You can create signature fields, date fields, check boxes and other input type fields.  A single document can be sent to multiple people with each of their signatures being requested in the specific locations that you designate. 

After sending your document for signature, you will receive email messages advising you which people have submitted their signed document and you will also receive an email when all parties have signed and the document is considered complete.  The completed document can be downloaded and saved to your local network or PC. 

Templates can also be created and used repeatedly.  For example, you may have a credit card authorization form or initial consultation agreement form that can be saved as a template and sent via email when needed.

If you would like to see a demonstration of this product or have other questions, please call 412-261-5600 x228, or email