Cyber attacks can occur at home or in the workplace. Secure your home wireless access by locking down your system and enabling WPA2 on your router. WPA2 is the most secure and up to date wireless security standard, and will help protect your home from prying eyes.

WPA2 security can be best be explained by the following analogy:”WPA2 is two people who meet in a crowded room, exchange a secret passphrase, then engage in a somewhat elaborate, multi-part secret handshake to prove that they can trust each other. Once that trust is established, they pass messages written in a secret language they decide upon, that requires a secret key (that they both have) to decode. ” (Tsai, Peter) Learn More

Source: Tsai, Peter. “What Is WPA2 and How Does It Work? Definition and Analogy: Word of the Week.” The Spiceworks Community, 17 Oct. 2017,