We are pleased to have partnered with ChecksForLess to be able to offer you a cost efficient way to order checks. ChecksForLess has checks compatible with QuickBooks, Sage50 and many others. Below is a sample cost comparison with a couple other online check vendors. 

Please visit https://www.checksforless.com/?lid=308&ac=PLUM4 to place your next check order or contact me for more information. Please let us know if you have any difficulty finding checks on the Sage50 website.

  ChecksForLess Sage50 Checks & Forms Website Deluxe Website
QuickBooks Voucher Check (500 Checks) $59.95 / $.12 each $157.95 / $.32 each $167.99 / $.34 each
Sage50 (500 Checks) $59.95 / $.12 each $157.95 / $.32 each $167.99 / $.34 each