NetDocuments announced the acquisition of Worldox this past October 2022.  Worldox had been a leader in document management for many years, with a strong client base within the legal market. With the acquisition by NetDocuments, Worldox customers are now faced with deciding on a migration path to another document management solution.   

NetDocuments has not announced a timeframe for ending support of Worldox and has stated that it will be supported for the “foreseeable future”.  However, support for Worldox Web has been announced as ending September 30, 2023. 

We suggest that Worldox customers begin researching alternative document management solutions now including signing up for demonstrations of those applications that seem to most closely meet their needs.  We recommend that NetDocuments be included in this review process, but the final decision on the best solution will be with each individual firm. 

NetDocuments is a cloud-based document management application.  As you start looking through the available options for document management, you will find there are many that also include practice management capabilities (contact, case/matter records, calendaring, billing, accounting, etc.)  This will be another decision to be made during the application evaluation process.  Will you want to replace only your document management software?  Or will you instead be replacing multiple applications with one of the available practice management solutions?   

We look forward to assisting you with transitioning to whatever solution you decide is best.