Is AI taking over the realm of law?

New websites, such as Spellbook, are in the works, claiming to be the ChatGPT for lawyers. Spellbook uses GPT-4 to review and suggest language for legal contract, right in Microsoft Word. Spellbook is trained on case databases, form libraries, and statutes, which allows the platform to suggest accurate and relevant language for legal documents. This new AI is built specifically for law and will include features such as “Missing Clause Review” and “Find Conflicting Terms.”

Not only is AI becoming a tool for lawyers to utilize for their own documents, but it is also being used to give anyone access to legal information. The average joe can now type their legal question directly into the “Ask something!” bar and immediately be given information that will provide a better understanding of complex legal language and issues.

The creation of new platforms, such as AI Lawyer and Spellbook, lead to the discussion of whether lawyers are at risk. The new AI notably contains flaws, such as providing fake or inaccurate legal citations, but AI enthusiasts are positive such issues can and will be fixed. While some may argue that the need for lawyers will become less, others emphasize that this AI technology will not replace lawyers, but rather enhance their workplace efficiency and create more roles. Experts state that this technology will not act as an enemy, but rather as a knowledgeable partner.