It seems that many service-oriented businesses are finding new ways to send out appointment confirmations and reminders to their clients, as well as automating this process to improve workflows. Many businesses like dentist offices, physical therapists and higher education have been using text messages to confirm and remind people of appointments, but lawyers and other professionals have not had a solid solution to implement this practice. We have been asked the questions about implementing a text message reminder solution for a number of years, and for the longest time, we did not have a solid solution to offer. Now, starting from November, Plummer Slade is working with Apptoto to offer text message appointment/meeting confirmations that can be generated from just about any calendar. This includes Time Matters and Outlook/Office 365.

Apptoto has the ability to read out calendar data and then use the information to send appointment reminders and confirmations to your clients. We have the ability to use a local (412/724/814) area code, and if a client were to call the number, the call would be forwarded to your main office line. The outgoing messages can be automatically generated and are fully customizable to meet your needs. It can include information such as reply “C” to confirm or “P” to receive a phone call about your appointment. Based on the response, we can create automatic rules, such as email a specific person to alert that that a client requested a phone call. For confirmed meetings, we can notate the confirmation of the meeting in Outlook. Additionally, if a client responds to the text message outside of any pre-selected options, we can convert that text message into an email so that you are alerted the client is trying to text you. You then have the option to text back via the Apptoto web portal or call the client to discuss the appointment/meeting. Apptoto also maintains a log of all communications so you are able to look back and tell the number of messages sent and the responses received.

Customers of Apptoto have noticed that they have reduced their no-show appointments, which in turn has increased revenue for the business. Clients have also responded that they like having the option to receive text message reminder and the ability to confirm a meeting via text. Additionally, AppToTo does have options for PCI and HIPAA compliance for regulated industries.

Plummer Slade is ready to help you get started with Apptoto. Pricing for the service starts at $29 and increases based on the number of calendars you would like to use to send appointment reminders. Once we help you select the correct plan, we can start to integrate the service with Time Matters, Outlook or another calendar program that your firm uses. We have a portal for you to create your own account and get started with a 15 trial of the service. Our Senior Applications and Desktop Support Specialist, Matt Appleton, is ready to help get the service up and running for your business and ensure your calendars are properly integrated. He will also help with setting up your local phone number and customizing your outgoing text messages.

If you are interested in hearing more about Apptoto, please reach out to Matt at 412-261-5600 x211 or