This April, Microsoft released their Spring Creators Update. As of July, most of the kinks have been worked out and Windows 10 computers will begin to prompt users to update to the newest version. With this update, Windows has released a few new features such as: Dictation, Microsoft Edge Tab Muting, and Nearby Sharing. However, none of these new features are as interesting as the marquee part of this update, Windows Timeline.

Windows Timeline

Have you ever wanted to go back to a website you were just working on? What about a document you were editing and accidentally closed? With the newest update to Windows, you can!

Forget rummaging through your browser history or file system; Windows Timeline is here and boasts a very user-friendly interface. Timeline builds upon the ‘Task View’ button that was present in previous versions of Windows. Now, you’re not only able to see which applications are running on your PC, but you’re able to see any activities that you’ve accessed within the last 30 days on your Microsoft account. That means if you’re signed in with Microsoft on your smartphone or a different computer, you’ll be able to pick up on those activities seamlessly on any of your devices.

If you’re already on Windows 1803 build and you haven’t used Timeline yet, navigating to it is quick and easy. Simply right click on your taskbar and check ‘Show Task View Button’ and then click the task view button once it shows up or you can simplify things even further by pressing the Windows Key + Tab. Once you’re in the timeline view, you can simply scroll up and down to go back or forward in time as you wish. You can click on any of the applications shown and access them right where you left off. If you find that you don’t like the new Timeline feature, disabling it is quick and painless. Just navigate to Settings > Privacy > Activity History and uncheck both boxes.

We have begun pushing the update to all of our clients with Windows 10 computers on the night before scheduled maintenance visits. At Plummer Slade, we value maximizing your productivity and minimizing downtime throughout the work day. To do this, we schedule the update to run overnight without interrupting any user activity.

For more information or help updating your Windows 10 computer to 1803, please contact Jakob Como, Marketing & Scheduling Coordinator, at or 412-261-5600 x208.