LexisNexis® has announced the release of “Time Matters Go®”, a new mobile timekeeping application.  Time Matters Go is compatible with iOS and Android devices.  It allows you to bill faster by associating your time with the clients and matters already in your Time Matters database.  Create Billing Records with a few taps on your screen and send them to Time Matters!

This new application includes the following features:

  • Voice-enabled data entry
  • Timer option to track hours in real-time
  • Automatic reminders to bill after a set period of time
  • At-a-glance updates on billable hours to prevent leaving time spent unreported
  • Up-to-the-minute totals by client and matter
  • Easy login
  • Client & matter look-up
  • Spellcheck

Time Matters Go is available for $99 annually per user to all Time Matters customers with an Annual Maintenance Plan.  Please contact Plummer Slade at como@plummerslade.com or 412-261-5600 for more information, pricing or any of your Time Matters/Billing Matters related questions.