Sage Software has released Timeslips 2018 and an update to Timeslips Premium with new features available in both products.  Please read below for details on these new features.
As a reminder, Sage Software is currently supporting Timeslips Premium, Timeslips 2018 and Timeslips 2017.  If you are using an older version, you should consider upgrading to a supported version.

New Features and Improvements in Timeslips 2018

E-mail Address visible on Pre-Bill Worksheet –client email addresses can now be included on Pre-bill Worksheets.

Report List:  All Reports Tab – A new tab lists all available reports in Timeslips.  From this tab, you can text search for desired reports and report types.

Quick Bill – Sage Timeslips Quick Bill feature provides the ability to create or select a client, create time and expense slips, choose the appropriate taxes and make a full or partial payment all in one centralized location.  This function is perfect for getting clients what they need quickly.  Quick Bill also offers the ability to select existing bill layouts, preview the bill and the ability to printing/e-mail the invoice.

Customer Calculated Fields on Invoices – The same great feature of creating calculated fields on Sage Timeslips reports is now available on the cover page of the invoice and within customizable sections.  This can provide business specific billing information to your client.

Increased number of Fee Allocation Timekeepers – The total number of timekeepers allotted for fee allocation reporting has been increased from 3 to 10.  Timekeeper roles for fee allocation can be customized to change their “labels” (example:  Originating Attorney, Billing Attorney, etc.)

Customize Start of Work Week – You can now set the “first day of the week” for more accurate reporting.

My List Indicator – My List indicator provides easy recognition of affected lists of clients based upon the use of the My List feature.

Integrated eCenter Data Transfer Utility – The Sage Timeslips Data Transfer Utility (DTU) has been incorporated into the product.  No more having to open a separate tool to exchange or sync data.  The integration of the DTU also provides a real-time indication on which slips are ready for download and which new clients, tasks or expenses have been created via the eCenter.

Option to Page Break before a Consolidated Summary – You can further customize consolidated bills by electing to page break when including the Consolidated Billing Summary.

Show Consolidated Bills Separately when Reprinting Bills – You can now separate consolidated bills into individual invoices when displaying the Reprint Bills list.

New Features and Improvements in Timeslips Premium

Timeslips Premium is a subscription-based product which includes all the features available in Timeslips 2018 in addition to the following:

Bill Reminders – For those clients that require a specific billing schedule, Sage Timeslips Bill Reminders provides the means for accurate and timely billing.  Set the frequency for billing individual clients and Timeslips will remind and filter your bill run accordingly.

Company Logo Watermarks – Company logos and graphics can be watermarked on all reports.  The firm can control placement, color and opacity to create even more professional invoices or reports while promoting its brand.

Please contact Plummer Slade at or 412-261-5600 for more information, pricing or to schedule your upgrade.