Plummer Slade has always advocated that our clients use a supported version of all their software applications.  Not all software manufacturers have the same policy regarding when they stop supporting an older version.  Frequently, support is provided for the current version and perhaps the most recent 1-2 versions.  Listed below are some of the popular applications used by law firms and small businesses with information outlining which versions are supported by their respective manufacturers.
  • Timeslips® (Sage Software) Supported versions:  Premium, 2018, 2017 (2016 is supported only until 8/01/17).
  • Time Matters® (LexisNexis) Supported versions: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 if on their Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP).
  • Sage 50® (formerly called Peachtree, by Sage Software) – Sage50 2017 is the only supported version.  Support is planned to end on 2/28/18.
If you are using an application that is no longer supported by its manufacturer, you should be aware of the following situations:
  • There will no longer be any updates or fixes made (service releases/patches).
  • The software may not function properly if you need to install it to a newer computer or server.
  • Website integration and other services may no longer be available for example:  QuickBooks payroll; Timeslips eCenter; Time Matters “TM Mobility”, Sage 50 payroll, etc.
  • Integration with newer versions of Microsoft® Office or Adobe may not be available
  • Troubleshooting and solving any problems or database corruption issues becomes more difficult and is less likely to be resolved.
Please contact Plummer Slade at or 412-261-5600 with any questions you may have regarding your software versions, upgrading your software or other general usage questions.