Plummer Slade and our security partners have taken steps to protect you from the WannaCry Ransomware virus that started spreading as of Friday last week

  • Our Patch Management system has patched affected PCs to keep WannaCry from spreading PC-to-PC if infected and will continue to patch PCs as needed;
  • SonicWALL has updated security services on firewalls to detect WannaCry;
  • AV Defender and Symantec Antivirus have updated to detect WannaCry;
  • MalwareBytes has updated to detect WannaCry and Anti-Exploit will also help in detecting potential infections.

WannaCry is known to spread through email. While you may have all of the above protections in place, these protections will not stop a user from clicking a link in an email that can open the door for WannaCry to infect a computer. Please take caution with any emails that appear suspicious. Plummer Slade technicians are ready to help you analyze emails if you think you may have a suspicious email.

Please call 412-261-5600 and press 0 for immediate assistance if you want assistance looking at an email that may or may not contain WannaCry.