The frequency of web attacks, phishing, and malware found in email continue to increase in 2016. According to Symantec Corporation, in November 2016, malware within email increased to occurring from one in 158 emails to one in every 85 emails. Since the number of these instances continues to increase, it is important to continue to educate users how to safely navigate and identify potentially harmful situations online.

For a number of years, Plummer Slade, Inc. has stayed abreast with tips and techniques to combat the increased amount of technological issues associated with malware, email phishing, and network attacks. Plummer Slade, Inc. offers Cyber Security Awareness Training that is scheduled in two hour sessions to highlight password best practices, identifying suspicious email, and mobile device usage. In 2016, $3 billion was lost due to wire transfers from misleading phishing emails. These training sessions are vital to ensuring users don’t compromise a firm’s financial information, by educating users about good technology habits and behaviors. Cyber Security Awareness Training is recommended to be performed on a yearly basis in order to provide updated information on the ever-changing field of internet security.

Plummer Slade, Inc. also conducts network security audits that test for vulnerabilities within your network. The audit software tests for open ports, validates software patches, checks for weak passwords, and checks for any other network security issues. The software generates a detailed report and categorizes issues as low, medium, and high risk threats. Plummer Slade, Inc. techs assess the report and identify the appropriate remediation technique for the issue. Depending on what needs to be done, a tech will send along a report of the issues or schedule a meeting to discuss further solutions.

Please contact Plummer Slade at or 412-261-5600 for more information regarding network security audits or Cyber Security Awareness Training.