Last year when Sage Software released their latest product, Timeslips Premium, they introduced the use of a Firebird SQL Database to provide a more stable database and faster performance.  This year, the Firebird SQL Database will be used by both Timeslips 2017 and Timeslips Premium.

The primary difference between Timeslips 2017 and Timeslips Premium is in the way the products are purchased.  Timeslips 2017 continues to be purchased by license and newer versions can be purchased as they are made available by Sage (typically on an annual basis).  Timeslips Premium is subscription-based and includes support and upgrades as long as you stay current with your subscription.  As new features are added to Timeslips Premium, subscription members can take advantage of them by installing the upgrades included with their subscription.  The level of support that is provided by Sage Software is dependent upon the level purchased.  There are 3 levels for the support plan – Silver, Gold and Platinum. Visit which outlines the support and plans.

There are some other differences between the two Timeslips products as far as the features that are included.  Only Timeslips Premium includes the improved Account Receivable information, the ability to create and use calculated fields on invoices and a new “Quick Bill” option that allows you to create a new client, slips and invoice from a single screen.

If you would like more information or pricing for Timeslips 2017 or Timeslips Premium, please contact us at 412-261-5600 or