LexisNexis recently released Time Matters 15 and Billing Matters 15.  This award winning case management software has been improved to add and enhance the following features:

  • Adjustable Font Sizes – With Time Matters 15, users can now increase the text font size used in certain high usage areas of the product from a single location in User Level Setup. Each user can choose whether the default font size will be “Regular” (current 8 pt. font) or “Large” (12 pt. font). This setting alleviates the need to change the font size in multiple areas. This option applies to main record type form & lists, support record type forms & lists, the calendar, and the transaction form & list.
  • Usability Improvements based on feedback from customers. These improvements include a faster setup of certain features using a new “Copy” button.  You can also now copy Security Profiles, Power Views and Quick Tabs.  This saves time by eliminating time spent setting similar items up again and again.
  • Entered passwords are now properly validated via the Test button when saving a new Exchange password from within Time Matters.
  • Several performance improvements (everyone’s favorite!)  including a change to the technology used when creating merge documents and displaying alarms improves the stability and reliability of both of these features.  An improvement was also made to increase the speed of saving new contacts and matters; and to increase the speed of updating existing contacts and matters that have numerous related records.
  • Support for new/updated applications and operations systems including Windows® 10, Microsoft® Office 2016, Microsoft® Exchange Server 2016, and Timeslips 2016 (Timeslips Premium is not yet supported).
  • Time Matters 15 brings the capability connect with Time Matters partners with LexisNexis Gateway. The LexisNexis Gateway connector is installed separately, at no cost, and is currently available for all US customers who have Billing Matters or who have Time Matters Basic Billing enabled in their software.  Through these partners, the capabilities of time and matter management can expand —all integrated with Time Matters 15. LexisNexis Gateway brings access to popular applications and third-party software options to expand the functionality of Time Matters.

There were numerous other issues addressed by Time Matters 15, which are detailed in the Release Notes.

If you would like to know more about Time Matters, please contact Plummer Slade, Inc. at psi.apps@plummerslade.com or call 412-261-5600.  We offer installation, customization and training services for Time Matters, Billing Matters and other software applications.