The Cloud – we’ve all heard of it and now Plummer Slade, Inc. is bringing cloud storage to our clients as a backup solution. Instead of spending money on expensive, outdated tape drives or worrying about rotating daily USB backup drives, your data can be securely transmitted and stored offsite for better security and peace of mind. Our technicians monitor backups on a daily basis and perform test restores to ensure proper function and continuity in case of a disaster.

Plummer Slade’s data protection and disaster recovery services act as a virtualized safety net, allowing you to concentrate on your business. Whether you need to restore a file to your PC or restore file servers following a disaster, Plummer Slade can assist with a rapid recovery, saving you time and money. In the event of a disaster involving your server, Plummer Slade will have a temporary hot spare file server on hand to keep you up and running, while minimizing downtime and data loss.

Plummer Slade uses a method called Image Backup to make a copy of your data. Instead of picking and choosing select files to back up, image backup makes a complete copy of hard drive; think of it as making a Xerox copy of your entire system, including the operating system, software, etc.  This means the difference between disaster recoveries taking several hours or several days.

You may rest assured that your data is safe and secure in the PSI Cloud. Data transmissions to and from the cloud are encrypted and sent to our office on a secure floor. The PSI Cloud is owned and operated exclusively by Plummer Slade, not housed in a data center with millions of other users.

Moving to a cloud storage solution is also the smartest decision in terms of making your money go the furthest. Predictable pricing allows you to budget better and save money overall. With no up-front costs for hardware, cloud storage is an affordable option for small to medium sized businesses. A cloud storage solution is easily scalable as your business grows and storage needs increase, without the hassle of having to purchase new hard drives, etc.

If you have any questions regarding cloud storage or any other networking needs, call us at (412)261-5600.