World Software Corporation recently announced a brand new version of their document management software Worldox. Worldox GX4 has been completely redesigned with a focus on making the software easier to use.  There are many new features and improvements that make this award winning document management software even better.  Some of the new features and improvements are listed below.

  • Cleaner Interface – The general interface has been greatly simplified with fewer buttons and a more modern look.
  • Field Table Lookup – Users no longer need to memorize client and matter numbers when profiling a document. Worldox will list matching code descriptions as users type the client or matter description for quick and easy selection.
  • Enhanced Search Results – When searching for words in a document, Worldox will now shows users an excerpt of the text found in the file from the search results list.
  • Microsoft Outlook Drop Folders – “Your Favorite Matters” will now show as drop folders in Outlook.  This makes it easy to quickly drag and drop emails to save into Worldox.
  • QuickSave – In Office and Adobe, this feature allows you to click one button and quickly save a document into Worldox based on a pre-defined Quick Profile template. You can then add profile information at a later time.
  • Executive Tile/Grid View – Rather than viewing files in a list, a new option allows users to view records in groups that can then be sorted by Date Accessed, Modified, Created, DocType and more.


Worldox GX4 will be available to new customers around April or May and existing customers can upgrade early this summer.  If you would like to know more about Worldox GX4, please contact Plummer Slade, Inc. at or call 412-261-5600.