Over the course of the next three months, Plummer Slade, Inc. will host educational seminars geared toward small, new and solo firms and the tools that can help attorneys manage their practices.  Topics will include Accounting and Time Billing (02/11/15), Case Management (03/11/15) and Document Management (04/8/15), as well as in depth coverage of the software solutions to help get any practice up and running in no time. The seminars will be held in the Conference Center Auditorium in the City-County Building and will be free of charge.

“These seminars are ideal for anyone looking for ways to streamline their office administrative practices and the internal management of client information,” said Leslie Hennessy, Applications and Desktop Support Specialist at Plummer Slade, Inc.   “Our clients who use the applications featured (Timeslips, QuickBooks, Time Matters and Worldox) enjoy their intuitive interface and the options for integration between them.”

On February 11th, at 9:00 a.m. the first seminar will cover Time Billing and Accounting, featuring Timeslips and QuickBooks software and how these applications can benefit any practice.

Timeslips offers an array of tools for attorneys to keep track of client information, timekeeping, expenses and billing. Below are just a few of the features of Timeslips software.

Time Capture – Helps you to capture more billable time.  Track everything you do on your computer and create slips based on these items.  

User Friendly Bill Generation – Edit bills from the preview screen, print draft bills, filter and sort bills how you need them and generate a variety of electronic billing formats including LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor.

Client Funds – Track your client’s retainer/IOLTA money separately from AR.

Over 100 Reports are included, plus you can create your own. Print to PDF and print to Excel for easy editing.

Send bills via email – Get your bills delivered faster and get paid faster.

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. With its user-friendly interface entering client data, transactions and payments is made easy, even if you are not an accountant. QuickBooks also offers several built in reports such as profit and loss, balance sheets, bank reconciliations and more.  With accounting integration, attorneys can link Timeslips to QuickBooks in order to reduce time-consuming data entry.

Manage your Account Payable – Enter and pay your bills quickly.  Easily ascertain what is coming due.

Link with Timeslips – reduce duplicative data entry by transferring payments received in Timeslips to QuickBooks as deposits.

The second seminar of the series will be held on Wednesday, March 11th at 9:00 a.m. and will cover case management with Time Matters software. Time Matters is the perfect tool to assist attorneys and their staff in organizing client relationship information in a uniform and easily accessible way.  Additional information, such as documents, email, notes and phone calls can all be entered and related to your cases.  Contacts and calendars can be synchronized with Microsoft Exchange, making the information available on mobile devices.  See how implementing TMMobility provides access to Time Matters information via a website from any device with internet access without needing special software to be installed on that device.

The final seminar will take place on April 8th and will be a discussion about document management using Worldox GX3.  Document management software allows you to save and retrieve your important documents and email using the same process. Managing the volume of email in one inbox is difficult enough, how do you know what others at your firm have saved that you might need to know about?  Once saved using Worldox, one search will find documents and email; and will display them in a single list.  The full-text indexing allows extremely fast searching by document content.  Stop wasting time trying to find your documents.

If you have any questions or would like to attend any of these seminars, send an email with your firm’s name and the names of those planning to attend to office@plummerslade.com or call (412)261-5600