Worldox GX3 is a document management system designed to make locating files on your network faster. Before we dive into Worldox, it’s important to understand what a document management system (DMS) is and how it can help you. Worldox is an application and document store that can be located on your server/severs or in the cloud with Worldox (SaaS). As you save documents, you add client and case information to the document which allows the DMS to create a document profile. Using this profile, you can quickly pull up specific documents for a client without needing to navigate a directory structure. Worldox then indexes the words on all the documents within the document store to create a powerful search engine like feature within the application. When users need to find a file, they can simply search by text within the file using the index based searching of the application. All major DMS product operate in a way similar to this.

Worldox GX3 stands out in how quickly new users adapt to it and how it can be customized to fit into just about any environment. First, it allows you to create a central store of documents following pre-defined profiles. Think of profiles like “rules” for how and where a file will be saved. Every user then has to follow the “rules” for saving files, which eliminates wasted time looking for misplaced documents. Second, it has a user-friendly interface. The GX3 application makes finding files on your system easy, and has a minimal learning curve when compared to other applications. The display can be user-customized to show only the icons that are critical to that employee. Employees can also save their searches as templates to quickly re-run the same search at a later point in time. Third, Worldox can integrate with the majority of your existing software. Any application that uses Microsoft Windows open and save commands can integrate with Worldox. These applications include, and are not limited to: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Word Perfect, QuickBooks and many more. Worldox can even integrate into several practice management systems, such as LexisNexis Time Matters, linking your documents to cases that are in that system.

Not only can Worldox store your documents, it can also be used to store emails. Many businesses have no way of knowing what was communicated to their clients since each person maintains their own email account. This puts each email account on its on “island.” This approach can waste time and money while users have to dig through their inboxes to find all emails regarding a specific matter. Worldox can eliminate this by allowing you to store important emails centrally within the document store that are then accessible to all users. It even has a duplication check that will prevent the same email from being saved multiple times. In case of an audit, associates can quickly search for all relevant emails being stored within Worldox, instead of each user having to search through their mailbox and then export email that needs to be reviewed. All email is also full text searchable just like documents.

Worldox Professional does not require its own server to run on, unlike its competition. The main portion of the DMS needs to run on a dedicated PC called an Indexer. The indexer tracks all the documents and emails being stored on your server, and then indexes them daily for full text searching. By only needing a PC, Worldox can keep your hardware costs down, and decrease maintenance costs since no additional servers are needed.

In the last year a number of products have been launched that can integrate with Worldox to help increase your office’s productivity. The first is Trumpet’s Symphony Suite. Symphony Suite is a software package that streamlines the process of scanning and moving scanned documents into Worldox. Users who need to scan data into Worldox create a reservation for their scan, and then receive a reusable printed barcode that goes on the first page of their scan. All scanned documents can be queued up over a period and scanned in a batch job. Symphony Suite then separates each job and locates the Worldox reservation and places the file in the correct document profile. Symphony Suite can even OCR your documents for you. Second, Sony Digital Paper is a lightweight handheld tablet sized device that allows you to sync documents from your Worldox document store to the device. Once the documents are stored on the device, you can annotate, share, and save changes back to Worldox (after re-syncing your Sony Digital Paper). Sony Digital Paper features a display that is similar to the size of a standard piece of paper. It also includes a stylus for annotating your notes, and weighs in at 12.6 ounces.

If your office has been looking for a solution to tame document/email storage and retrieval, Worldox may be the right solution for you. With a high degree of integration with major applications and an easy to learn user interface, Worldox can fit into just about any office. Add in the optional integration packages, and Worldox can improve all aspects of office productivity. If you would like to know more about Worldox or schedule a demonstration, please contact Plummer Slade, Inc. at or call 412-261-5600.