In addition to managing your calendar and contacts, Time Matters provides you with the tools you need to manage your cases – including related documents, email, notes, phone calls, and websites.  Time Matters is a relational database that keeps your cases/matters as the central focus point.  It should be the first place you go to find information such as:

–       Contacts – All parties involved can be related to your case record and easily retrieved

–       Calendar – Calendar entries for all your staff will be related to your cases automatically forming a timeline.

–       Email – Link email from Microsoft Outlook to cases so other staff members are aware of the correspondence.

–       Documents – Time Matters document management and generation tools help you create, save, organize and retrieve documents.

–       Notes – Create notes within the database to keep important information available to all staff

–       Phone Calls – Record incoming and outgoing calls

–       Websites, Outlines and other record types

Collecting information in Time Matters makes it readily available to you and other staff members, which helps your firm stay organized.  When everyone saves data within the database in the same way, it facilitates easy retrieval and prevents people from coming up with their own unique methods for saving important case details.  When you open your cases, you can see all the linked information on one screen or you can focus on one thing at a time, such as all case documents or all email.

Contacts and Calendar information can be synchronized with Microsoft Exchange which can then be made accessible on mobile devices.  Individual users do not need to perform a synchronization process.  The sync is constantly working on the server.  This provides the ability to check calendar availability and obtain contact information while away from the office.

Linking your email to your case in Time Matters provides visibility to the message that it would not have if it were only stored in Outlook.  Email should be treated with the same importance as documents, since it has become a primary method of communication.  Linking email to Time Matters provides that central accessibility and allows you to remove it from Outlook.

Time Matters includes a highly customizable interface allowing you to collect the information you need and keep it at your fingertips.  You can collect different information for different case types.  This information can be merged into your custom documents in Word or WordPerfect.  Creating documents using the merge keeps wording consistent, ensures you are pulling the current information and keeps you from using old documents to create new ones, which is a risky practice that should be avoided.  You may inadvertently leave old information in a new document; or worse you may leave the wrong client’s information on a piece of correspondence.

Documents that are linked to cases can be shared via a secure sharing portal (Watchdox) with people outside of your office.  You can retain control over whether you permit them to print, save or share your document.  You can also retract their access to the document.  This is more secure than emailing copies of documents to clients and outside parties.

Time Matters users can also access their Time Matters data via a web interface using TMMobility, which is included with the LexisNexis Annual Maintenance Plan.  Once installed and configured, changes made from Time Matters and via TMMobility are updated automatically.  Your data remains on your server.  TMMobility simply provides access via a website.

In summary, Time Matters helps you stay organized and informed, by keeping all your critical case related information in one database accessible to those who need it.  Security settings allow you to control who can access which pieces of information.  Powerful search capabilities help you find what you need when you need it, saving you time.  If you would like to know more about how Time matters can improve the workflow at your firm, or schedule a demonstration, please contact Plummer Slade, Inc. at or call 412-261-5600.