Whether your billing needs are simple or complex, Sage Timeslips billing software can help you to capture all of your billable time and expenses, get your bills sent, track accounts receivable, manage client retainer accounts and much more.  At the most basic level, your Timeslips database contains information on your timekeepers, your clients, billing arrangements and rates.  The work that you do is collected using time slips and expense slips.  This work gets billed to the clients, automatically creating an invoice transaction.  Payments received are entered and applied to invoices.  All in a user-friendly interface.

There are many other capabilities included with Timeslips that your firm might benefit from.  You can choose to take advantage of these time saving features or you can disable them if you would rather not see what you don’t want to use.  Some of these additional features include:

Accounting Integration – Link Timeslips to QuickBooks or Sage 50 accounting software to reduce data entry.  Payments received are entered into Timeslips and transferred to your accounting software as bank deposits.  Fee income can be allocated to the person who did the work.

  • Time Capture – Tracks everything you do on your computer and allows you to create slips based on the individual tasks.  This helps you to capture more billable time.
  • Merge Documents – Automatically create documents including collection letters, fee agreement letters and have client addresses, balances and other specifics merge into the document.
  • Send bills via email – Get your bills delivered faster and get paid faster.  This will improve your firm’s cash flow; plus reduce the time and resources spent on postage, printing, stuffing and mailing bills.
  • Payment Receipts – When you receive payments, you can choose to email receipts to your clients, or you can print and mail them.
  • Multiple Billing Arrangements – Hourly, flat fee, contingency, phased billing and other arrangements to meet the varying needs of your clients.
  • Multiple Bill Layouts – Your bills can show more or less detail to different clients depending on how you prefer to present your work to them on your bills
  • Client Funds – Track your client’s retainer/IOLTA money separately from AR.
  • Draft Billing – Watermarks on bills clearly identifies when they are drafts.
  • Voice Recognition – Uses Windows built in Speech Recognition.
  • Typing Abbreviations – Create your own shortcuts for data entry.  Tokens expand to full phrases of text.
  • Reporting – over 100 reports included, plus create your own custom reports.

There are even more options available – the following capabilities can be added-on to Timeslips.  Since these are purchased separately, you only pay for them if you need them:

  • Electronic/Audit House Billing – If your clients require that you submit their bills in an electronic format, such as LEDES98b or Legal Solutions Suite, you can have that functionality added to Timeslips.
  • Timeslips eCenter is a subscription-based, web interface that allows slip entry.  These slips get transferred to the main Timeslips database for billing.  Since the eCenter is a web interface, this is ideal for remote time entry and Mac users
  • Sage Payment Solutions allows you to process credit and debit card payments right within Timeslips.

Timeslips is a complete billing solution that is uniquely tailored to law offices.  If you would like to know more about Timeslips or schedule a demonstration, please contact Plummer Slade, Inc. at psi.apps@plummerslade.com or call 412-261-5600.