For over 25 years, Plummer Slade has provided technology support to both local and national law firms. The Applications Specialists on staff are certified in software applications designed for legal firms, such as Time Matters, Billing Matters, Timeslips, and more.

Plummer Slade’s certified consultants can provide training and support in a number of ways for these software applications.

Plummer Slade has regularly scheduled webinars for Time Matters, Billing Matters and Timeslips. Hosted by Plummer Slade consultants, each webinar is a 2.5-hour comprehensive web-based class. During each class, the instructor reviews the software application, provides real-time examples and answers questions posed by the participants. The webinars are beneficial to users with all levels of experience, as they are divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes. They are designed to follow along with Plummer Slade’s software manuals. For more information, visit


Training Manuals
The experts at Plummer Slade authored comprehensive training manuals for Time Matters, Billing Matters and Timeslips software programs. These manuals are divided by user level, with the options of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced training manuals. Each manual contains detailed instructions on using the many functions of its respective software application, along with in-color screenshots as visual examples. For more information, visit

Microsoft Office Training
Plummer Slade also offers training classes and comprehensive manuals for Microsoft Office, which includes detailed instructions and visual examples for Outlook, Word and Excel. These sessions are recommended for whenever Office software is upgraded.

Additional Training
In addition to the manuals and regularly scheduled webinars, Plummer Slade’s certified consultants make themselves available for one-on-one, in-person training sessions. These sessions can be scheduled on an as-needed basis and can cover specific topics depending on the needs of the user. These sessions are billed at an hourly rate.

Plummer Slade also hosts a yearly Timeslips Users Group meeting to review features of the newest software release.

If you would like more information on Plummer Slade’s training sessions or training manuals, or would like a copy of the table of contents from a manual, call 412-261-5600 or email