Security and compliance have consistently remained two of the most popular topics in technology news. Nowadays, technology compliance is not only a good business practice to promote information security to clients, but in many cases, it is also legally mandated by the government.

Data protection is imperative for all industries, but is especially important in the field of law. Depending on the nature of the case, attorneys are required to collect and share their client’s personal identifying information (PII); such as, medical history, social security numbers, credit card information, and more. Since so much of this information is shared between the client and attorney through email, software companies have developed software that will easily work with Microsoft Outlook to encrypt and protect these confidential communications.

Email encryption software has become relatively mainstream due to both the rise in new invasive malware and increased compliancy regulations. In simplest terms, email encryption ensures that email communications securely reach the intended recipients without interference. This is imperative to maintaining client confidentiality and security compliancy.

One of the most effective email encryption products on the market is AppRiver’s CipherPost Pro. Not only is this software easily implemented, but it gives the end-user control over which emails to encrypt, encrypts attachments, password protects the communications, and allows tracking for each sent item.

To send an encrypted email with CipherPost Pro, the end-user simply has to select the ‘Send Secure’ button within the email. This will then send the email to a secure server, where it will remain protected until the recipient accesses it with a password. Even if the recipient were then to forward the email to someone else, the email thread will remain encrypted/password-protected.

The beauty of a product like CipherPost Pro is that it operates in the background and does not interfere with the appearance and function of the inbox. With this software, users can still send email attachments, which are also encrypted with the body of the email if ‘Send Secure.’ There are no file size limitations when sending secure attachments, and much like a secure email, attachments are also trackable.

Once CipherPost Pro is enabled on a machine, the end-user can use it to send any and all email messages. There is no limit to the number of encrypted emails sent with this software, including emails with attachments. As long as the user remembers to click the ‘Send Secure’ button when sending a confidential email, selected correspondence will remain secure.

In addition to the comfort of a guaranteed encryption and compliancy adherence, CipherPost Pro has tracking, reporting and delivery notification capabilities. These features provide the added benefit of a paper trail, allowing the user to run reports on encrypted emails and delivery statuses.

In this day and age, the threat of malware makes it difficult to guarantee that confidential emails are not intercepted by prying eyes. That is why email encryption has become a necessity for businesses like legal practices. If you have any questions or would like assistance with implementing email encryption at your firm, contact Plummer Slade at 412-261-5600.