At the end of June, Sage officially released Timeslips 2015. This latest version of Sage’s time billing software introduces many new features that simplify time and expense capture, improve software functionality and streamline productivity.

Timeslips 2015 New Features:

Voice to Text
For the very first time, Timeslips offers a voice-to-text option that allows users to dictate portions of slips instead of typing. This voice recognition feature can be used to fill in text fields such as slip and A/R descriptions, notes, and more.

Timeslips 2015 also comes with the option to generate bills with a watermark, indicating that the bill is still in draft form. When using the watermark feature, a final bill will need to be created for approval as draft versions cannot be approved.

Client-Based Activities
This new feature allows users to assign tasks or expense items to specific clients, which encourages better organization and more efficient searching when reviewing client activities.

Payment Receipts
With Timeslips 2015, users can email or print payment receipts to clients. This long-awaited feature streamlines the invoicing process, as generating and sending receipts now takes only a couple clicks of the mouse.

Second Address
Users can now add a second address to a client record. This feature gives the user the ability to select a billing address and simplifies client record management.

Timeslips 2015 Improvements:

Several improvements were made to the Automatic TimeCapture function. The TimeCapture application can now be launched from within Timeslips. Multiple slips can now be merged into one timer to create one comprehensive slip and does not result in the loss of data. Additionally, the merge functionality has been improved for time and description information with the addition of a drag-and-drop feature for complete groups. TimeCapture rules can be exported and then imported to machines throughout a network. Finally, filters can be created and added to customize search criteria.

Electronic Billing
Several improvements were made to electronic billing, or LEDES98b. Users are now allowed to use multiple templates for the same format. Sage also added the ability to create custom names for output files using a nickname 1 or a nickname 2 within the naming convention.

Timeslips 2015 comes equipped with enhanced text searching capabilities. This function is key when running conflict checks. Sage improved the details provided for client level warnings as well, including outstanding balance, age of the balance, amount of money in client accounts, total unbilled slips, and more.