The new wave of computer design emphasizes efficiency, and the HP All-in-one series is at the forefront. This customizable model is ideal for any work environment because, as its name suggests, it is a computer and monitor all in one piece of equipment. This machine is less than three inches deep, taking up much less surface space than a traditional tower/monitor duo.

Consistent with the reliability of a Hewlett-Packard product and designed to take up less space than the standard PC model, the All-in-one is a powerful machine. Equipped with built-in security software, the PC is easily configured to manage updates and backups.

The HP Business Desktop ProOne 600 All-in-One has a 21.5-inch monitor, comes with Windows 7 or Windows 8, 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD and an Intel Core i5 processor. This model has two 2.0 USB ports, four 3.0 USB ports, and can be customized to have up to 16GB RAM, which would support a wide range of functions.

HP also has a model of the All-in-One that has touchscreen capabilities – a machine that minimizes clutter and maximizes productivity. This HP EliteOne 800 comes standard with a 23-inch monitor, Windows 8, 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD and an Intel Core i5 processor. Complete with six 3.0 USB ports, this PC can also be customized to up to 16GB RAM.

Efficient, reliable and sleek, HP’s All-in-One PCs come highly recommended from the experts at Plummer Slade, Inc.